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Nipa & Khurram
21 November 2007
The marriage of Khurram and Nipa was written - of that, I am a true believer. Every piece of me believes that Allah has a plan and that Khurram and I were to be married and live the rest of our lives together. Khurram comments all the time that it took the Internet to bring together two individuals that grew up mere miles from each other ? to this day, it blows our minds to think that we met on, got engaged after 9 months and married only 6 months thereafter. It is crazy to think that there were thousands of times before our 2007 meeting when we were sitting at the same Atlanta stop light or shopping in the same mall. It was almost as if we were two paths that were destined to come together. Khurram and I adore and love each other and that this unity has brought together two respectful families that also care about each other. Khurram is my best friend and I will spend the rest of my life showing him my love and standing by his side. There is a special someone out there for everyone ? do not sell yourself short or think that drastic measures (searching for your soul mate on the Web) are inconceivable. Khurram and I found each other and are the makings of a modern-day fairytale?another Shaadi success!!!