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Raghavendra & Prameela
15 May 2019
Met my Biriyani Monster, Momo as I call her today on and started dating. Shaadi was more of a dating platform for both of us than matrimony site for most of the people. I knew it way back when I met her and Im absolutely convinced of it today - she is one of a kind. I have been lucky to grow with my amazing girlfriend by my side more than I could ever imagine. Here is what I did in 2018, found an amazing woman (who feeds me all the time and knows when Im hungry), had a wild, wild ride with her and convinced her to get married in 2019. She is more my girlfriend, my queen, my everything than just my wife. We have made several promises to each other and the below two would stand out of the rest and they are helping us in our everyday lives: 1. Well never go to bed angry 2. Well never stop putting efforts towards each other. One way we can achieve this is by considering that we arent married to each other, still dating and well continue to do that forever Baby, thank you for making every day the best day, for always working to make our relationship amazing and for being you. I love you and I cant wait to spend the rest of my life with you. How did I get so lucky to have a wife like you? A woman who treats her husband like a king every day and prioritizes family before anyone and everything. Thank you honey for loving me the way you do, especially when I am down. I will continue to do my best to keep you happy and work hard to lay a strong foundation with you. You deserve happiness and perfection. If I tried for my entire life and dont succeed, I wouldn't regret it for a second