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Rahul & Monika
04 November 2019
So here is our little story. I got a request from Monika on my profile and I took some time researching about her on facebook. Though I liked her the moment I saw her invite , but I was little hesitant in starting the conversation. Finally, after a few days I broke the ice and dropped her a message if she would like to talk and meet up. Now, One thing you have to understand about Monika is that she is an avid traveler (which I love) and she would be planning the next trip soon after she has come back from current one. :) So, yeah she was out somewhere exploring the beauty of this world while I waited patiently for her reply. After a few days I received her reply that she had moved to Pune recently and is searching for an apartment. Coincidentally I also moved to Pune at same time and I was looking for an apartment for myself too. May be it was destiny that we both had moved to the same city. After rescheduling a few meetings we finally met in a tea/coffee shop. It was very nice talking to her. She was like this breath of fresh air and totally swept me off my feet. After that there were series of meetings where we used to spend nights chatting. Our conversations would never end and she used to leave at 4 or 5 am, only to have horrible day at the office with eyes stuttering. Well. not just her, me too. ;) We dated for about 7 months and it was clear that we have found the person with whom we would want to spend the rest of our lives. I am attaching some of our pictures.