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Stana & Amber
07 January 2006
Oct. 1, 2005 was our first contact with each other when I sent a request to Amber to have a look at my profile.

She says that my profile lit a spark in her. We both knew what we were looking for and from the info. on our profiles, it seemed we had some promising potential.

Amber accepted my contact and so our communication began. We started with the email basics, covering our values, lifestyles, preferences, interests, goals, personalities, beliefs, and of course lots of pictures. We then quickly moved into phone conversations that sometimes went all night and into the day. There was so much common ground between us.

Meeting in person was a simple confirmation of what we already felt. It was recognition. We had found our soulmates! We have had our challenges as I am in California and Amber is in Florida, but the rewards of having found our soulmates make it all worth it!

I proposed marriage to Amber on a February evening, a few days after Valentine's day. She said YES! and we are happy to announce that we have entered this exciting and rapturous phase in our lives. We are planning the wedding for this summer.

Thank you for enabling this extraordinary experience between us! Through you, we have found our soulmates!

Thank you again and kindest regards,