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Arul & Celine
12 December 2011
My sister found her husband through Shaadi. Since she seemed to have such wonderful results through, I decided to give it a try. I met some wonderful people, but after a few months, things just did not seem to work out. I finally got tired after 3 years and cancelled my profile for the last time. Little did I know that my mother had created a profile for me a few months after I had closed my profile. When I flew down to India to visit my parents, my mother told me that she had created another profile for me and had been communicating with a few men that I might be interested in. I agreed to get in touch with a couple of them without any thought of them going any further that a few phone calls. On my 28th birthday, I contacted Arul for the first time. We had a general conversation and both of us stated that we just wanted to move slow and get to know each other. We continued talking for a little more than 3 months via phones and chat as he was in India and I in the United States. One day we were talking about relatives and it came to light that he knew an aunt and uncle of mine and that they attended the same church and had been to each others homes for group meetings and such. On Feb 14th 2009 (Valentine's Day) we started talking about a future together. He said that he was sure about me, but since I was a little insecure about my weight I did not believe he really meant it. I kept telling him that we would make up our minds once we met each other in person. In July 2009 with the urging of my parents and Arul I flew down to India during my vacation to meet him for the first time. My parents had already met him and his parents a few months prior and loved him. Long story short, Arul proposed to me the first day he saw me. Nothing in my life had felt more right or natural than saying yes to his marriage proposal. We got officially engaged on July 12th and got married in Goa on January 30th 2010. It is almost 2 years now since we got married and we can not be happier. My husband is one of the most sweet and loving people I have ever met and I am grateful that was there to give us the opportunity to get together.