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Shikha & Kunal
12 December 2011
I"m from Bathinda (Punjab), and Kunal is from Mumbai (Maharashtra). One day I was lying on my bed when I got a call from an unknown number and never knew that would change my whole life. It was a call from Kunal Anand (My hubby), He told me all about how he got my number and all that. We started sharing feelings with each other. We talked on phone for approximate 1 month, and got ready to get marry. Then we discussed the same with our parents. His parents were already ready for our marriage but was getting few problems on my side. But its true that when we want somebody truly, the whole universe involved in meeting us with each other. Finally my parents went at His (Kunal) place to complete the formalities, then His parents came at my place for the same. They fixed the date Jan 30, 2011. We got engaged on jan 28, 2011. Our love started in first months, in second month, our wedding date was fixed, and in third month we got married. Life took my three months to make me happy. I got my soulmate same as every girl dreams of. The amazing thing that you all would shocked knowing that on jan 28, 2011, when we were getting engaged, was the first time we saw each other. Our hearts were already met, then the souls and then the bodies. As i'm a Punjabi sikh girl (Bathinda ki sikhni), and Kunal belongs to hindu community. but we followed all Punjabi sikh traditions. I'm really very thankful to, that has changed my whole life. Its has been 10 months getting me marry with Kunal, and it still seems we are just married. Kunal really loves me alot and of course me too. I bless all the members of that they get their love as I got mine and live happily ever after. Thanks nice again... If I'm happy today then its just because of YOU :)