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Pranav & Nikita
21 October 2023
Still in India, where arranged marriages were the norm, a remarkable love story unfolded that defied all conventions. It all began on a typical day when destiny brought together two souls through a popular matrimonial website called Little did we know that our encounter would lead us down a path less traveled, filled with love, understanding, and a shared passion of spirituality.Lucky to call myself the protagonist of this story, Pranav, I am a young man with dreams as vast as the night sky and hopelessly optimistic about anything and everything. I had always believed that love could never be confined to the boundaries of societal norms, and he longed to find a partner who shared my belief in love's boundless nature. On the other side of the virtual realm, there was this young woman named Nikita, a mesmerizing blend of spirituality and modernity, whose heart yearned for a love that transcended expectations.As fate would have it, our virtual profiles caught each other's attention, leading us to embark on a journey of exploration. We began exchanging messages, discovering common interests, and gradually delving into the depths of each other's souls. Days turned into weeks, and before we knew it, four beautiful months had passed, marked by countless messages, heartfelt calls, frequent trips of Mumbai - Pune, and an incredible connection that seemed to grow stronger with each passing day.During those four months, Nikita and I chose to let our hearts guide us and not particularly think of the odds of getting married. We spent those blissful days together, cherishing every moment, and witnessing the magic that unfolded between them. Our conversations flowed effortlessly, as if we had known each other for a lifetime. With each word, we unraveled our dreams, aspirations, needs, and goals, finding an unparalleled compatibility that left us awestruck. Who says the opposite attracts?Every experience we shared, every adventure we embarked upon together, reinforced our belief that we were indeed destined for one another. Finally we decided it was time to share their love story with their respective families. Confident in our bond and compatibility, we approached our parents and mentors with the utmost conviction, knowing that they had built a solid foundation based on love and understanding. The beauty of their relationship was further magnified by the fact that Nikita hailed from a strong cultural background, much like mine where our choices were respected and hailed. What remains constant is her spiritual nature blended harmoniously with her modern outlook, making her the perfect complement to my vibrant personality ( as I would love to believe). This shared cultural bond added an extra layer of assurance to our love, as our families found solace in the familiarity and traditions we held dear.Together, after embarking on numerous trips, exploring the rich land of India and creating memories that would be cherished for a lifetime. We seamlessly blended into each other's families, creating a harmonious union between two sets of traditions and values.Finally, on the auspicious day of March 3rd 2023, surrounded by our loved ones,we exchanged rings, symbolizing our commitment to each other. Our hearts danced with joy, mirroring the rhythm of their love, as they took the first step towards a lifetime of togetherness.With every passing day, our love story continued to flourish, and as everyone eagerly awaited the arrival of December 21st, 2023. Our love, born out of a unique amalgamation of connection and nurtured through genuine interactions, had defied the odds and created a bond that would withstand the test of time.As we will stand before the sacred fire on our wedding day, with our eyes locked, and souls intertwined, and blessings of our Family and Masters would know everything that happens, happens for a reason.