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William & Isha
27 October 2013
Time to cherish beautiful Moment! So thus how it started :) William was in State while I was in India for my official stuff & i have found he sent his interest to my profile on February 21st. immediately felt spark in my heart after reading his profile & found that yes! he is the one i always waited for! brought my parents into it. Prayed & took my step with the lord in FAITH . Still Cant forget February 23rd I asked Bill for his number to make a quick stop & say hi on Feb 23rd 2013. Believe me the lord never let our conversation stop. Finally we decided to meet & see each other in person in the Month of May 29th on SEATAC Aiprort, Seattle! That visit , journey has brought us on a life long journey! Now we are planning to get engage in coming December. Thanks to the lord & Shaaddi!