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Mohammad & Jishan
31 October 2007
Still now I can't believe it's real. I am married now. I used to read eagerly success stories of others and now I am writing my own one! To be honest I made my profile without any real intention, just for curiosity. but I had no idea at that moment that will turn in to the greatest event of my life...! It was in 2006 i made a free profile here and received many interests, some of them were nice ,real and honest persons,and some were just flirts.I made few real friends out of them.As I was too inexperience ,I too made some mistakes.. My story to become a paid member is also unique.In January,07 one of those persons,with whom I made contact..became a good friend of mine. Just in 2/3 chats - he sounded so honest and as if he trusts me totally..,just to check him....I asked him for his credit card details..I was sure that he won't..but he gave me all informations.! I was surprised but thought those must be false and I paid the amount online to be paid member..for my surprise ,it was real! What ever, when I got the message that ,now I can send interests and personalised messages to others as i became paid member. I just browsed few profiles and sent interests...again not with any serious intention.And the very first profile to which I sent interest was Rubaiyat's. May be thats called intuition or may be it was planned by Allah thats why or may be because it was my destiny..when I saw his snaps,I felt that he is a nice person and then the words of his profile - describing himself and his expectations made me interested about him. And as soon as I expressed interest, with in few minutes he accepted and sent me a chat request on shaadi messenger, he was also online at that moment from his working place.. We had a small chat as he was going to leave as the working hour was over and just before leaving he requested me to be online on next night - at 1.00 AM !I was in Bangladesh and he was in UK. so we had time difference of 6 hours. I really felt offended as he made such a request to be online for him at mid night ! And just to say this, I logged in on next night..but he was sooo sweet ,I couldn't continue with that anger( This happens till now- he'll do some thing,that'll turn me mad,then he'll say some pampering words and all my anger will just melt in water. He also knows it and so uses the trick on me every time).We talked for almost whole night though my net connection was too slow and disturbing that night. And because of that problem we had a misunderstanding and a fight.I promised myself that 'm not going to talk to him any more in my life. but I didn't have the idea that moment -that it's going to be a life long relation! Thus it started and he proposed me on our 2nd chat! I told my parents about him,he also talked to his family, they made contacts ,and without meeting each other in person..we got engaged on April 6th.2007. Our wedding was planned to be on 25th December,2007. In October he arranged for just one week's leave and visited Bangladesh to celebrate Eid with his mom. The next day he arrived,my parents invited him and his family at our home for Iftaar and dinner. That was our 1st meeting and on the same day our guardians decided and arranged for our wedding registration! Now we are looking forward for our upcoming wedding party in December. And most importantly...THANKS to and to the Almighty for giving me the Best person and the Best family of the world and please Wish me luck .We need that and every one's blessings for our future life.