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Nirmal Kumar Singh & Sunita Mahajan
31 January 2014
The story starts with two lonely persons Sunita and Nirmal. Yes, I am Nirmal, and like most of the common people I didn't used to trust matrimonial websites for marriage. I was looking for an life partner since so long that I do not even remember how much time has passed. The situation was same with Sunita. So much time passed away in order to look for a ideal person. We even left the hope that we can ever find the ideal person to be with. Then was the day when my close friend suggested making an account on, yes at first I hesitated but then feeling helpless and made an account with a hope that it would help. I went through a number of profiles and could not find the one but one day I received an interest and that was from Sunita, I watched her profile and developed an immediate liking for her and then I told my friend about how I liked her profile and wanted to talk to her. It took me a while to contact her and after sometime I gathered the courage to talk to her. I still remember the first time we talked how nervous I was and the same night her voice kept echoing in my head and I could not sleep that night. I realized why it took so long for someone to come and why it was not working out, the answer was Sunita. Now I would like to tell everyone that there is someone for everyone waiting out there to meet you, the person that would change your life and make you feel so special. We then started talking regularly and I don�t know when she became so close and now she is not a part of my life rather she is my Life. Our guardians talked and decided, and we got engaged. Now I don�t know how to thank so I and my fiance decided to send our story and let people know what a great deed had done. . By God's grace we both complete each other and want to thank for uniting us and helping us find our true love. Your team is wonderful and you really are touching lives. Hats off to you!