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Gopal & Vineeta
18 January 2015
Hi , This is Gopal Daga from Mumbai. I am thankful to for helping me in my search of a soul mate, Vineeta Singh, whom I met within three months of my membership period. We met on 28th November 2013 when I just happened to come across her profile on Shaadi. I had sent her the request of interest, which was not readily accepted by her at first instance, though she chose to chat to know more about me. Cupid did not strike during our initial conversations, but both of us knew that there was something special about each other. We exchanged our private numbers and used to have long talks on varied topics. We had heated arguments very frequently, 9 times to be precise, but every fight brought us more closer to each other. Then the day came when I expressed my love for her. To tell you about my girl, she was very careful about whole affair. Neither did she say yes nor no, though we had become very good friends and she liked me. She was in Lucknow at that time. After telling her parents about me, she planned to come to Mumbai to meet me personally along with her father and younger brother. Her family met my family. We didn�t have a wonderful time and she was in dilemma. Then during her stay, she insisted on visiting Siddhivinayak temple where she felt a little change of heart. Maybe the Almighty had sent her the POSITIVE SIGNALs. I was all determined to marry her but she was not able to decide it. I had left the future of our relation in her hands. I went to see her off at Bandra station, till when she was still indecisive. The moment train left the platform she realized that I was the person with whom she wanted to spend her whole life. She had sent me a text message that she loved me. In January 2014, I visited Delhi where she stayed with her brothers. Her parents too joined us to decide about marriage. Both families initially were very reluctant as they asked us to give some time to the relation, at least 2-3 months more and then decide about marriage. But both of us were determined to marry as in short period of 2 months we had understood each other well and most importantly we felt that we had found our soul mate in each other. We got happily married on 8th February 2014. It is going to be a year now, but it seems that it just happened yesterday. Such is the freshness of fragrance of our love and the bond which we share is becoming stronger by each passing day. Thank you SHAADI.COM���thanks a lot for making an UNCONVENTIONAL LOVE STORY happen to us.