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Nikhil & Priyanka
30 January 2015
Marriage is a once in a life time moment, that changes your life forever. Its said that marriages are made in heaven and solemnized on earth. We proudly pronounce our marriage as "HALDIRAM KA HADSA" On one fine evening while having a chat with my father, I decided to try out the so called search for life partner myself and as I really didn't had any other way out I decided to register on some online portal. Though I wasn't new to these online portals but yes was new to Days later I registered myself with the portal and started getting some random responses. After few days I again thought of making a fresh start and this time started looking for the matches and send some interests. The only thing going on in my mind was to meet a Punjabi Delhi based munda. On June 10, 2014 I received a mail and message form this guy named "Nikhil B"; which I hardly paid any attention. Same evening my phone had some missed calls from different numbers, which again were ignored. June 11, 2014 11 AM, there was a phone call from Mr. Nikhil; he said "I am a member of and has accepted your interest." I was bit amused as I hardly remember, when did I send an interest. I asked, "Do your parents know that we are talking to each other for matrimonial purpose"; to which I got an affirmative response. I asked such a question as firstly I don't really had much faith on online portals and next I just wanted to get sure if the guy's just passing time or in a serious intention to talk about marriage. After exchanging each other's required details I asked for his mother's no. He told me half the number and phone got disconnected; and I got sure the guy is just there for time pass. 2 days later I decided to call him and check out his intention; and to my surprise he came to be a genuine man. He not only text me his mother's number but also made both the parents talk to each other. Meanwhile I had to go out of town for a day or two. Back at my place my father decided to meet the guy at his office. Due to some reason he wasn't able to visit and till then I was also back in Delhi. I received a call from Mr. Nikhil, and he asked the reason for cancellation of meeting. Later in our 23 minutes first friendly conversation we decided to meet at "HALDIRAMS" the very next day. July 1, 2014, 1.15 PM was the time decided to meet. I reached early as I wanted to, waited for him for few minutes then called and asked, "Where are you?"; I forgot to be formal. After few minutes he was there and as we were looking for each other, we almost crossed each other in the mall corridors, it was hard to recognize from the pictures, but all thanks to mobiles, we finally met. Finally we sat at the first table at Haldirams for almost 2 hours. In that conversation I hardly asked any question and neither waited for any answer. The guy spoke at length about himself, and I could feel what all he said it was all from heart. I kept on listening and for the first time in my life I was at peace with myself after meeting someone; I don't what it was but a very unique feeling. After few minutes we bid goodbye and was back at our places. Next day in the evening got a call from Nikhil, and we decided to make our parents meet. After two to three meetings first at Nikhil's place and then at mine our roka was decided for July 26, 2014; and the functions continued from Dec 4, 2014 Sagan Ceremony and Dec 6, 2014 Wedding. Though its a very simple story where two people meet and they just get clicked and a story is formed, but for me it is the story of my life, my journey to reach the person of my life. Its not that we are made for each other, we are two very much imperfect person with are individual way of thinking, but the only thing that worked between us is our thought of being true to each other and the fact of not hiding anything from anyone. Marriage is another journey of life which the two needs to travel with trust, love and understanding. We started our journey on Dec 6, 2014 and still in a way of discovering each other, and in that way finding ourselves in each other. I have a strong faith in destiny and believe that it made me meet Nikhil, which I proudly say the love of my life, not to find my perfect match but the one to be with in the next journey of my life. Thanku for our "HALDIRAM KA HADSA...accident with permanent remarks...good wale remarks.."