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Megha & Pushkar
13 January 2016
Its true that marriages are made in heaven and solemnised on earth. But few love stories need a wonderful connecting medium like My love story started through which bring me close to love of my life. It was one fine day of September 2015 when I saw invitation to connect with pushkar . I had a quick look but didn't accepted the request. After 2-3 days I again saw reminder alert but still ignored as I created my profile few days back and was not very serious about matrimonial sites. My family was insisting on personal references first. But one night While going through interests I had a detailed look at profile and it seemed fit to me. Hence I accepted it and gave number to my mother. She called on the number next morning itself and came to know its handled by Saurabh (Younger brother). After formal conversation photos and kundali's were shared . After that there was no response for 10-15 days. My mom said online sites are like this only. But on 3rd October she got call from Saurabh . It was late evening around 10 pm. He said family is fine with the details and want me to meet Pushkar next day. So 4th October was the day I finally met him. I had a brief chat with Pushkar on whatsapp and we decided to meet at costa coffee around 5 pm. I was exactly on time while he got late by 10-15 minutes.(I was like kaisa ladka hai itni der koi ladki ko wait karata). Finally he came and I was so nervous that I didn't had a look and headed straight towards coffee shop. Finally I had a glance at him for first time. He was dressed soberly and seemed courteous. I was very nervous hence he tried to make me feel comfortable. I was barely speaking that day. Hence he started the conversation with basic stuff and right from the beginning he was very polite and honest. I liked that quality and we had a formal chit chat for one hour and then I left for home. My mom asked my response. I know it was too early but somewhere my heart knows that he is the one. I simply said everything is fine and you can take it further. And I said to my mom that I don't know why I have a feeling that I will get married to this guy. After that my mom called his brother for response and he also confirmed that response is positive and Pushkar want to meet me once more before finalizing. Hence we met again on 11th October at same place. I was comfortable that day and spent 3-4 hours and both us realized that yes we are made for each other. At the time of leaving Pushkar said He always wanted his soul mate to be like me and he has got everything in me which he expected. I was so happy that day. He is also the one whom I always wanted as my soul mate. Then on 24th October everything was finalized between families and we got engaged on 22 November 2015. Thanks a lot for bringing us together. Cheers and keep doing great work. We are very much thankful.