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Apoorva & Praveen
15 April 2017
Well, I registered on Shaadi as my parents forced me to. The hunt went on and on.. It was about to be an year since the search started but before it could reach there I got a request from my dearest hubby.. I went through his profile and accepted it, he was not an engineer like me but he was an architect. I think I was happy as our fields were different. Then the immediate week they came to my home, we both spoke, we had a rapport, we laughed, we shared our likes dislikes, our parents spoke and everything clicked so quick. It was like that phrase in hindi "Chat Mangni Phat Byah". The week after we met was our engagement(4th December 2016). And now we are happily married :) :) we are totally opposite but we just love each other the way we are and compliment each other when needed :) :) hope the story wasn't too big ;) Regards, Apoorva