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Jay & Monica
12 January 2005
I ( montacs) mailed him(jay4707) and he said oops! out on vacation maybe later eh?

I decided he`s with an inflated ego and forgot all bout him, 7 mnths down the line he mails me back again forgetting that we had exchanged one liners in past. The ball`s in my court again and I decide to mail back some ``not interested`` excuse to him... A woman scorned and all that....

But then destiny intervenes: spell error in mail address and the negative messages never reach him.

He persists with his contact messages ,his claw grip gets to me and I decide to see what ticks this guy...right mail on right address ,first mail,second mail,third mail- and boy o boy we were hooked . It was wonderful to discover that he was made up of all the right stuff I always desired .Great compassion and sensitivity.Daily mails and long chats I mean real longgg chats convinced us it was too good to let go .Within a month he proposed (in feb 04) via net ofcourse since distances between countries were far and long ,yeah Juliet in me accepted and lo ! by April 04 he was here my knight and we were wedded in same month.And as all knights do he swept me away; in an airplane ofcourse and now we are safely esconed in our love cocoon... THANKS ! for making fairy tales a reality.