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Amit & Jigna
25 January 2007
A skeptic to the idea of, my best friends, Nisa and Sonal, convinced me that I wasn?t going to meet anyone while I was studying in Pharmacy school?I gave in, created a profile, and again, with the persuasion of Sonal, I contacted Amit?A week later, he responded with one of the longest e-mails I?ve ever seen a guy write?We communicated our interests and were instant friends?the road was not easy, but I found a guy who never left my side. Amit has been with me when things were going well, and when they were at their worst? and God sent me Amit, my strength, at just the right time. Although I took time to realize it, I know now, that I have found the love of my life? Thank you, shaadi, for helping me get out of my cocoon, I may never have met HIM without you? Best wishes, Jigna and Amit 2007